RMIT Design in Digital Media – WEEK 1

This is my first blog entry about my progress in Design in Digital Art In RMIT.

On Tuesday, our teacher was Adam Nash, and the first thing he lectured us on was about our specialisations that we will do for the rest of the semester, and the first one that we were going to study was interactivity.

I was forced into a team where we had to define what digital media is, and what parts of media were interactive (games) and non-interactive (TV, movies).

We were then being lectured about how certain designers can help bring usability and robustness to interactive designs.

I had to join another group for another task, where were had to design and wireframe a digital calendar interface. We all discussed different ideas for our calendar, like how it would accessible for computers, phones and tablets. I suggested that our calendar would have a background that has pretty pictures that you can interact with and change into a different picture. After we thought of those ideas, we made the wireframe of the calendar, and then we did an evaluation of what we learned. After that, it was the end of the class.

On Friday, we had a different teacher this time, named Tom Penney.

We were lectured about the elements of design, and how we use them in art.

I was then put into a different team once again, this time we had to recreate a famous painting using only one element of design. The painting was Edward Hopper’s “Early Sunday Morning,” and the element that my team had to work on was point (or dot).

The other members of my team were unsure what to do with using point, since it’s so minimal that it would be extremely difficult.

Luckily, I had a idea to place dots in different lines, to make them combine into shapes that resemble the buildings in the painting. Our class seemed to be impressed with what we did.

For my homework, we had to not only read up documents and watch videos about how to use the elements of design, but also try out a puzzle. The puzzle was to use four black squares and play with them to represent and convey an emotion, for the audience to understand.

In summary, my first week of the Design in Digital Art course was pretty good, and I’m interested to do more in the next couple of weeks.


blacksquaresjustinblackburnHere is my finished version of the “black squares” homework.


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