On Monday, we were discussing more details about digital environments. Throughout the lesson, I joined different groups so we discuss different ideas for different types of digital environments, like virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.

On my last class on Friday, I had finished my presentation for Assignment 4. Now, I had to start creating the evaluation document. I wrote down answers for questions about my choices and ideas for my work, and I had to take my storyboards, and add some descriptions under them.


week 11

On Monday, we got another new teacher, who lectured to us about the importance and history of virtual reality. He even brought an Oculus Rift to show us how it would work with a virtual environment. We then went on an game engine called Unity, which is known for running versions of game levels by having special codings, scripts, and animations created by a developer. We created our own environments on Unity, so we could import them into the teacher’s Oculus Rift to see how the virtual system would interact with it.

We didn’t have class on Friday, so I went home to keep working on the assignment.


On Monday, we got Adam back as our teacher again. We all went to the RMIT Studio Lab, to know more about virtual environments. We took a tour inside the lab where we got to see art pieces by various students. We also tried out the Oculus Rift, and a big and special dome that is a screen where you can play special games that various students also created.


On Friday, we started to work on our next assignments. This time, we had a between making a typography project using existing audio of our choice to unite with the text, or a making a typography project using existing statistics of our choice, and recording yourself reading it with the text. I chose the former. The sound file that I decided that I want to use was the “McDonalds Vs Krusty Burger” scene from “The Simpsons.” The first thing I did for the assignment was create storyboards for what the version of the project would look like and how it would move.



On Monday, we spent our last class for Audio Mixing by trying to create our own ringtones. One of the things I had to do was import any random song and change and mix up it to try to create an original sound for the ringtone. I found some random video of a guy playing a sax, and I created a MIDI version of it, and then manipulated and mixed the tone of it to put into my music. For what I did, I think my ringtone is okay. Although, I did have a lot of difficulties trying to create the different sounds.



On Friday, we learnt about the basics of animation as we were about to work on our exercise that involves that topic. Our exercise was to make a typography video, where we had to import a audio file of a movie quote, and then typing out the text of the quote on Adobe After Effects, and making the text stand out by animating it. I chose a quote from the movie “True Grit.” Since it was a western, I chose to have a dirty background and long and bold serif text. I liked what I did with the exercise, because I think the way that I played with some of the text is very artistic and playful.