Semester 2 Week 2

On Monday, we were lectured about how to make designs for mobile devices. After that, we then continued working on our assignments. During class, I finally started creating the full interface designs for my app.

On Friday, we learned more about interaction design for web and mobile. I also got some feedback about my work-in-progress, where my teacher told me to fix a lot of the layout and make the pages look less crowded and messy. Besides that, we also had to create a wireframe of a phone app that lets you search movies.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.34.19 pm



This is my interface wireframe of a movie searching app. My intention was for the app’s features was to give it different options where you can not only search the movie by typing out a title, you can easily find it by pressing buttons that search the year of a movie, the genre of a movie, and how it’s rated on the app. When you find the movie you want, you can take a look at more information and have options to watch the trailer if you’re interested, or go to links that take you to either Netflix or Amazon, so you can see the movie.

I think this wireframe is alright because it has very simple controls and it would seem understandable by anyone using the app.


Week 1 – AV

On Wednesday, we started doing Audio Visual class. We learned about the importance of sound and music to express feelings and moods. It was very interesting, and it made me think more about how certain ways of using music and sound can have an impact on visuals.

I also had to look up different text pieces that relate to what I had learnt in the class.

Here is an academic text about emotion in product sound design, by Daniel Vastfjall:

Here is an interview about Seth Horowitz, a neuroscientist who understands how sound is good for emotions:

Here are two versions of The Beach Boys song, “I Get Around”




On Monday, I started the new semester with Design for Digital Media 2. To get ready for our first assignment, we learned about user interface, which is a design on a software or device, that is made for a user to interact with. Our first assignment is to create our own user interface with a topic of our choice, along with making different sketches, wireframe layouts, and icon designs. One of the steps I learned in class was how important grids are to make the interface look appealing.



On Friday, we had another class for Design for Digital Media 2. For this class, we were told about the basics of our assignment again, but also with more important information about grids and icon designs. We also had to create a burger icon on Illustrator.




I like how I made this picture, because I used different techniques to make it look more three-dimensional, which helps the icon stand out more.