Week 10 (Design)

On Monday and Thursday, we learnt more CSS techniques about animation and content boxes.



Here is an example I made with animation:




Week 10 (audio visual)

On Wednesday, we had a break from analysing different clips, and went back to discussing our lecturer’s work. This time, he told us about the creative process when he was working for Showtime Australia. One of the things he told us about was how he kept trying to create the right sound design to help promote the then new TV channel, Showcase. He made different versions, trying to make a lively and optimistic commercial, while his music sounded kind of melancholy. He also worked on the sound design for the other Showtime channels, where he did to make the right music tone to capture the essence of the movie genre that channel is promoting.’

We then watched the trailer for Book of Eli, and noticed how the music brings an dramatic edge to it, playing very loudly and intensely, when it seems like everything’s quiet.

After that, one of the students presented their presentation about sound design and score.

Here is an essay about trying to compare two trailers, and how each of them are effective in their own way:


Here is an interview about Yoav Goren, the president of the trailer music company, Immediate Music:

Immediate Music: Interview with president and co-founder Yoav Goren

Here is a video about the creation of the THX Deep Note:


Here is a compilation of various sound effects from movie trailers:

week 9 (audio visual)

On Wednesday, we watched some artistic dance shorts, and analysed how the music and the visuals look together. Sometimes we watched different versions of those shorts, that had different music or different visuals, so we could see how certain contexts and emotions are changed.

Some students also showed their assignments for score driving emotion, and linear vs non-linear.

Here is an old essay about being in love with sound:


Here is an interview with a music supervisor for film:


Here is the music video for Jamie XX’s “Sleep Sound:”

Here is a fragrance commercial directed by Spike Jonze:

WEEK 8 (Design)

On Monday and Thursday, we kept working on using CSS styles on Dreamweaver. Our lecturer also told us about our final assignment, which we have to create a website, with 4 pages, and different styles and positions for texts, images and links.


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-5-17-04-pmThis is one of the examples I made. I thought that was going to be hard, but it seemed easier than I thought it would.

week 8 (audio visual)

On Wednesday, we had two of our students show their assignments on 4D cinema and score vs sound design.

We watched one of the assignment videos that was made one of our lecturer’s students from another class. There were 3 different versions of this clip, with 3 different songs. I liked the first and third versions because the song fits more with the visuals, and they both bring their own styles to help make the visuals more interesting.

We watched an episode of Invader Zim, and noticed the way certain sound effects are played to pay off ridiculous timing in the comedy.

We also took a look at the different stages and layers of a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. We analysed how different parts of mixed sound effects can help add to an intense scene.

Here’s an interview to a production sound mixer on the film, “American Gangster:”


Here’s an analysis of the use of sound in “The Incredibles:”


Here’s a video about the difference between sound editing and sound mixing:


Here’s a video about how to mix and edit music and sound in film: