Design for Digital Media Semester 2 Week 12 and 13

For the last weeks of this semester, I have finally managed to complete my website design about “The World of Creepy Houses.” Here is the link:


Week 12 (Audio Visual)

On Wednesday, we looked back at the many audio visual topics that we had learned throughout this entire semester, so we could get ready for our exam next week.

We also got our last student presentations of focalisation, materialisation, and score driving emotion.

Here is an essay about how music and sound works together:

Here is an interview about Randy Thorn, and how he designs sound:

Here is a TED talk about sound design:

Here is a video about how sound design differs from score:

Week 11 (Audio Visual)

On Wednesday, we talked about 4D cinema, and how the relation between the narrative of the movie and the 4D effects on the audience works.

Also, two of the students showed their presentations about materialisation, and linear and non-linear sound.

The last thing the teacher showed us before we left was two versions of a animated colon video, with different sound effects. I liked the second version, because the sounds of impulsing beats and squelching noises sounded more real and intense.

Here is an essay about how 3D and 4D cinema work to help the audience:

Here is a interview about how D-BOX works:

Here is a video about how 4D cinema works:

Here is a trailer of “The Tingler,” which is known as one of the earliest movies to use the 4D experience: