Week 5 (RE)

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I focused on creating my storyboard for my video. I needed to make the storyboard so I would have visual reference for what my video has to look like. Once I finished the storyboard on Wednesday, I started work on the animatic.


I showed my teacher test footage of what my project would like, and his feedback was to have some of the video be more longer so people can notice the imagery more.



On both Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on creating the script for my project. During writing, I changed some of the structure for the video. For example, I decided to highlight more of the retro futurism in the video, by adding much more clips of old footage, and splicing them in the list of ideas.

Week 3 (re)

On Tuesday, I figured out more of the structure that my project will have. I want to put digital drawings and some written words in the video, so people can have a broader idea of what the theme of the project is supposed to be about. At class, I looked up some research while also doing some digital drawings, on Photoshop, that might be in the video.


On Wednesday, we learnt about the importance of copyright and fair use. Then, I continued doing research and creating some sketches.

Week 2 – RE

On Tuesday, we learnt about how re-appropriation of art can be used in different countries, decades and movements. After that, we kept working on our response presentations for our assessments.


On Wednesday, we finally showed our presentations to the class. When I showed my presentation about my assessment, the feedback that I got was okay. My teacher thought I should experiment with some digital drawing, to help with the theme of the assessment. I felt unsure at first, but I’m still trying to figure out  some ideas.

REcreating from Others’ Creations WEEK ONE

On Tuesday, we talked about what we were going to learn in this course, including appropriation of art, fair use, and mash-ups.

We were given a look at what our assignments would be. We had to create an idea that had to use appropriation of art to create a new way of visualising that project.

The first thing that we had to do was create a Pinterest account and look up different images to help inspire us for what our project will be about.

I chose the themes of nature, drawing, colours, and retro futurism. I chose them because they seemed like the themes that I could identify with the most.