Week 8 (RE)

I had just been off last week for Easter holidays, and I spent some of it finishing the five scenes on After Effects.

I was ready to export them at Uni, but my teacher told me that I shouldn’t upload and edit videos from my USB, since that would take too much time and storage. I placed all my work on Google Drive instead.

After that, I exported the scenes, and started editing my project on Premiere Pro.

A problem I noticed during editing was the scenes were so long that they were almost going to be longer than the music that I needed for the entirety of the video. I have different options of either replacing the music with a longer song, or editing the clips to make them shorter.


Week 6 (RE)

On Tuesday, I started to work on some of the project. I had to use Premiere Pro, and it was difficult at first, because I haven’t used that program much.


I also made my second presentation for next week. Because I needed to put videos in it, it couldn’t be on Illustrator, so I used InDesign instead. It exported fine, but it can only work on Adobe Acrobat, not Preview.


On Wednesday, I continued working on some of the project, but this time I tried to work on it in After Effects. The hardest part was trying to make a gif have a transparent background.