For my project, I made a video about how drawing new inventions and creations help us make a better future for technology and the world. In the video, I decided to use montages of different clips from Youtube, digitally created drawings, and text paragraphs that explain the theme of the project. The reason that I chose the topic was because I’m interested in drawing and futurism, so I decided to combine these ideas and create a visual presentation with them. I really liked how I used different eras of footage and font styles, because they make it feel like they’re showing the progression of envisioning what our future might be. I also think the hand-drawn looking pictures that I made on Photoshop make the video stand out more, because they add more variety. Another thing I liked while making this project is that I got to learn new editing and animating techniques, like making seamless text transitions and rendering images with transparent backgrounds, on different software. If I want to fix anything about this video, I would have loved to make the montages a lot shorter and quicker. But obviously I needed to show enough footage to have the audience understand what’s happening, so I decided not to use that option. While I don’t mind the text that much, I wondered if I could delete it so I could hopefully have the video be informative enough in its visuals and editing to explain the message for itself. Another thing I would fixed is that I would like to make the music and footage more synchronised, to help give the video more of a impact through visual and sound editing. Overall, I really like the video that I made, because it has a very positive message, and the way that the different footage is used really helps highlight the theme of drawing a better future.


Week 12 (RE)

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we finally showed our presentations and projects to the class.

When I showed my project, everyone liked it, including the teacher. Although he did say I could have fixed some of the text in the video.

WEEK 10 (RE)

On Tuesday, I fixed up some errors in my project. When I did that, I finally decided that my video was now ready for rendering.

The video that I had finished was around 10 minutes long. When my teacher noticed this, he said that if I’m going to show my video in a presentation to everyone, I have to make it  a bit smaller, so it doesn’t feel too long. He also told me to keep the original version when I need to upload it on Blackboard. So I cut the video down to around 6 minutes, and rendered it again.


On Wednesday, I had continued doing work on the Assignment 3 presentation on Illustrator. I already started making the presentation at home, so I had to finish it today, so I can have time to do a written word piece about the project as well. For the presentation, I added details about what I had previously done on my project throughout the semester, what I had learned, and I possibly could have done better on.

Week 9 (RE)

On Tuesday, I had some trouble trying to upload my stuff from Google Drive onto another computer. Some of the clips were too big that it was difficult to try and upload them all at once. It took me an hour until I finally got everything that I needed on the computer.

After that, I talked to my teacher about the music problem I was having last week, and he told me that the best idea is to edit and duplicate parts of the music to make it longer. I tried it out, and I thought it worked much better. The repeated parts of the music are not entirely seamless, but they’re good enough to feel like they’re not completely choppy.


On Wednesday, I worked on placing and editing the rest of the clips onto Premiere Pro.