WEEK 10 (RE)

On Tuesday, I fixed up some errors in my project. When I did that, I finally decided that my video was now ready for rendering.

The video that I had finished was around 10 minutes long. When my teacher noticed this, he said that if I’m going to show my video in a presentation to everyone, I have to make it  a bit smaller, so it doesn’t feel too long. He also told me to keep the original version when I need to upload it on Blackboard. So I cut the video down to around 6 minutes, and rendered it again.


On Wednesday, I had continued doing work on the Assignment 3 presentation on Illustrator. I already started making the presentation at home, so I had to finish it today, so I can have time to do a written word piece about the project as well. For the presentation, I added details about what I had previously done on my project throughout the semester, what I had learned, and I possibly could have done better on.


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