For my project, I made a video about how drawing new inventions and creations help us make a better future for technology and the world. In the video, I decided to use montages of different clips from Youtube, digitally created drawings, and text paragraphs that explain the theme of the project. The reason that I chose the topic was because I’m interested in drawing and futurism, so I decided to combine these ideas and create a visual presentation with them. I really liked how I used different eras of footage and font styles, because they make it feel like they’re showing the progression of envisioning what our future might be. I also think the hand-drawn looking pictures that I made on Photoshop make the video stand out more, because they add more variety. Another thing I liked while making this project is that I got to learn new editing and animating techniques, like making seamless text transitions and rendering images with transparent backgrounds, on different software. If I want to fix anything about this video, I would have loved to make the montages a lot shorter and quicker. But obviously I needed to show enough footage to have the audience understand what’s happening, so I decided not to use that option. While I don’t mind the text that much, I wondered if I could delete it so I could hopefully have the video be informative enough in its visuals and editing to explain the message for itself. Another thing I would fixed is that I would like to make the music and footage more synchronised, to help give the video more of a impact through visual and sound editing. Overall, I really like the video that I made, because it has a very positive message, and the way that the different footage is used really helps highlight the theme of drawing a better future.


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