On Monday, we got Adam back as our teacher again. We all went to the RMIT Studio Lab, to know more about virtual environments. We took a tour inside the lab where we got to see art pieces by various students. We also tried out the Oculus Rift, and a big and special dome that is a screen where you can play special games that various students also created.


On Friday, we started to work on our next assignments. This time, we had a between making a typography project using existing audio of our choice to unite with the text, or a making a typography project using existing statistics of our choice, and recording yourself reading it with the text. I chose the former. The sound file that I decided that I want to use was the “McDonalds Vs Krusty Burger” scene from “The Simpsons.” The first thing I did for the assignment was create storyboards for what the version of the project would look like and how it would move.




On Monday, we spent our last class for Audio Mixing by trying to create our own ringtones. One of the things I had to do was import any random song and change and mix up it to try to create an original sound for the ringtone. I found some random video of a guy playing a sax, and I created a MIDI version of it, and then manipulated and mixed the tone of it to put into my music. For what I did, I think my ringtone is okay. Although, I did have a lot of difficulties trying to create the different sounds.



On Friday, we learnt about the basics of animation as we were about to work on our exercise that involves that topic. Our exercise was to make a typography video, where we had to import a audio file of a movie quote, and then typing out the text of the quote on Adobe After Effects, and making the text stand out by animating it. I chose a quote from the movie “True Grit.” Since it was a western, I chose to have a dirty background and long and bold serif text. I liked what I did with the exercise, because I think the way that I played with some of the text is very artistic and playful.

week 8

On Monday, we learned about MIDIs, and how they work.

Our exercise on that day was to download a MIDI version of a song from a website, place it into Ableton Live, and cover the MIDI by inserting different sounds and instruments into the song. The song I chose was “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees.

I really like what I’ve done with this, because I chose a variety of different and cool sounds to create the song.

On Friday, some of us worked on an Adobe Effects exercise, while others (including me) kept working our our assignments. Thomas told me that I had to add more depth and realism to my magazine spread, because my photoshopped picture so far looked pretty flat. I got more pictures of lava, and then used the clone stamp tool to place patterns all over the ground, so it would look more detailed and three-dimensional. I also had to try to make the playground look like it was pulled into the lava, and make the grass look like it was on fire. Because I was so busy working on the assignment, I had to work on the Adobe Effects exercise at home.

week 7

On Tuesday, we had a new teacher and topic for our class. Marco was now teaching us about creating digital sound.

The students were then put into teams and were given sound recorders, so we could go outside and capture any sounds. My team recorded sounds from the elevator in our building, from outside, and from the library.

Marco then told us to place our sounds in a program called Ableton Live, where I had to take some of the sounds I recored, place them in the program, and edit some of them together. We also learned about the basics of Ableton Live while we were doing this.

On Friday, we learnt about gestalt principles and visual cognitions. We didn’t do a exercise based on them, like we usually do with other art topics. Instead, we worked on our assignments.

I chose to do the surreal land magazine spread for my assignment. I did have a problem trying to work on it at first because I don’t I look at the details of the assignment very well. I didn’t know that I actually had to take a picture of something, so I ditched any previous plans that I might have had, and drew some new designs for what my new version of the assignment will be. My idea for the magazine spread design was gonna be an image of a playground that’s placed in lava. After I drew the plans, I went on Photoshop, added the layouts for the magazine spread, and wrote down some text. The text would include the title of the magazine, the subtitle for the cover, and a paragraph that explains the location that’s highlighted in the magazine.

After I did that, class was over and I went home to take a picture of a playground to use it for the assignment.


On Tuesday in week 6, we had just finally filmed all of our footage and were ready to start editing and compositing our footage.

The other members of my team did most of the editing, by combining and cutting down all of the scenes we took, while also trying to tie our footage in with the audio of the Star Wars cantina scene.

We didn’t have time to add chroma key effects to our video. So when it was near the end of class, my teammates and I decided that we would each work on 15 seconds of our footage at home.

On Friday, we were lectured about typeface, and how different types of font can help set style and/or mood.

We also first learned about our next assignment, where the theme was photo manipulation. This was another assignment where we had to choose between 3 things: do a self-portrait poster that has other images and text that show the ideas and reflections of the person, create a magazine spread that shows a photo-manipulated and surreal landscape, or make a typographic poster using one word and a theme. I am still thinking about which one to do, but I’m leaning on either the magazine spread or the typographic poster.

The first task that we did was to take two images and write down the titles of the image on top of them, and we had to figure out what kind of typeface would fit the images.


I think that the composition of the text with this background is alright because the coluor and sans-self typeface of the text has a very warm and autumn-ish look and feeling to it. I also like the placement of the words where they’re all connected with “in.”


I really like this composition in this image, because the typeface looks very royal and grand, and the position of the letters look nearly symmetrical.

The second task was to look up a random quote, and rewrite it using different and mood-provoking typefaces.I decided to make two versions of the quote.



I like the first version more, because the two fonts blend together better and have a very interesting look to them.

week 5

On Monday, we started doing production on our Star Wars cantina video with vegetables. The other members of the team that was in had brought in their vegetables to use as characters in the video. Our plan was to put vegetables on stick so we could move them more easily, and film them in front of a blue screen, so we could put in backgrounds later. My team suggest that I look for backgrounds for the characters to interact with, when they’re edited into the blue screen. The backgrounds that my team asked me for were pictures of fruit stands and fruit markets, but specifically one fruit stand called Top Juice. We didn’t do all of the scenes on Monday, but we did film enough scenes. We decided to keep working on the video during the week.

On Friday, we learned about layout and grid systems.

Our first task for the class was to create our own creative layouts/grids to form a magazine spread about the artist Banksy.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.08.12 am

I do like this layout that I created, because it gives the images perfect placement and unity, while also leaving a lot of space.

Our next task was to take two pictures of a girl and a car, place them in background pictures of a hill and a desert, and blend them in well.carindesert

For this first picture, I placed the picture of the car into the desert background, erased the background of the car image by using the mask function on Photoshop, and added and warped shadows for the car to look like it’s actually in the desert. I think this picture is alright, but I feel that the shadows that I created look really rushed and don’t seem to blend in well with the desert background.

girlathillfinalI didn’t have time to finish this second picture at class, so I made this at home. This was incredibly easy to make, since all I had to pretty much erase the background of the girl picture and place it into the hill background. I also tried to add some depth to the girl picture by lightening and darkening some parts of her, and then placing a little shadow near her.

WEEK 4.5

After the Easter holidays, I went back to class on Friday.

Thomas lectured us about a specific element of design: Colour. He talked about the colour theory, and how images with different hues and contrasts can convey a mood. We then had to do an activity where we had to create 2 posters that show the colour theory, based on two songs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.09.07 am

The first song was “Lisbon, OH,” by Bon Iver, and because the song was calm and gentle, I decided to use different coloured flowers for my first poster, to show the song’s sweet tone. I also blurred the flowers a bit as well, and put them in a rhythm. I think this poster’s alright, because it shows a very warm feeling.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.09.19 am

The second song was “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. For my poster, I wanted to make a visualisation of how the song keeps getting more faster, intense, and louder. I like this poster, because the jagged shape makes the representation of the song pretty simple.


The next activity that I did next was to add different palettes to different versions of logos. Each version of a logo has the name of the palette that I’m supposed to add for them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.24.42 pm

My favourite from this first batch of different coloured logos is the high contrast one, because the bright and loud colours stand out in the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.25.15 pm

My favourite from this group of logos is the analogous logo, because it looks to have a subtle three-dimensional form.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.27.21 pm

My favourite from the third group of logos is the optional logo, because I really like the contrast of the dark green with the light green.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.28.38 pm

My favourite from the fourth group of logos is the monochromatic logo, because the black, white, and grey of the image looks old and retro.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.28.49 pm

My favourite from this fifth group of logos is the triads logo, because the different and related colours blend really well together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.29.43 pm

My favourite from the last group of logos is the complimentary logo, because the gradient and contrast add a three-dimensional form to the little circles.